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Product features

1. capacity range (C10): 150Ah - 3000Ah

2. voltage level: 2V, 6V, 12V;

3. Design floating charge life: at 25 + 5, the design life of 2V series battery is 20 years, 6V, 12V is 15 years.

4. cycle life: 25%DOD cycle 7000 times under standard conditions.

5. the self discharge rate is less than 3%/ months.

6. high charging capacity and saving time.

7. the working temperature range is -25 to 60 C.

8. Shelf life: After sufficient power, the battery can be stored at 25 C for 2 years, the remaining capacity of the battery is still more than 50%, after charging, the battery capacity can be restored to 100% of the rated capacity.

9. Good anti-deep discharge performance: 100% discharge can still be connected to the load, after four weeks recharge can restore the original capacity.

Main application areas

Telecom, mobiles, network, railway, airport and other power supply systems for various communication and signal systems.

Standby power supply for power system and nuclear power plant;

Solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric power storage, wind and solar complementary engineering;

Ships, maritime and other standby power sources;

Standby power supply in petrochemical system;

Marine signals and AIDS to navigation;

Information industry;

UPS, medical equipment, emergency lighting and other standby power supply;

Environmental protection and high energy saving occasions;

Data transmission and TV signal transmission;


Various circular applications.




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