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Product features

Capacity range (C10): 65Ah - 100Ah

Voltage level: 12V;

Design float life: at 25 C + + 5 C, 12 years.

The self discharge rate is less than 2%/ months.

Charging capacity is high, saving time.

The working temperature range is -20 to 55 C.

Shelf life: After sufficient power, the battery can be stored at 25 C for 2 years. The remaining capacity of the battery is still over 50%. After recharging, the battery capacity can be restored to 100% of the rated capacity.

Good anti-deep discharge performance: 100% discharge can still be connected to the load, after four weeks recharge can restore the original capacity.

application area

Wired communication bureau (station), exchange station;

Wireless communication station (station) and dispersed base station;

Power, military, petrochemical, mining and other special network communication base stations;

Data transmission and TV signal transmission;

Solar energy, wind energy and wind and solar power generation;

Various circular applications




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