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Service commitment

Pre sale service

Actively do a good job of product publicity, mainly according to the use and needs of customers, to provide the best products with excellent performance and price. According to customer needs, provide a variety of designs, including battery configuration problems and according to customer site conditions to provide battery rack design.

Our principle is that as long as you raise the problems you need to solve, the rest of our work will be done by us.

Sale service
All the batteries sold will be delivered to the designated destination according to the customer's requirements to maximize customer recognition.
After-sale service
1. we set up customer files and follow up services for the sold batteries.

2. After the battery is sold, telephones follow-up is carried out at any time, and a thorough inspection is carried out at least once a year, and the battery usage is reported to the customer, so that the customer can rest assured.

3. provide solutions within one hour when customer complaints occur. Including site recovery plan and return processing plan until customer satisfaction. The aim is to minimize customer trouble.

4. Normally, the returned batteries will be tested within two weeks of arrival, which is the responsibility of our company. For non-battery reasons, we will issue a corresponding report to guide the use of customers.
Special description
For non company products, our company will also provide joint services according to customer needs. That is to provide customers with meaningful work such as inspection and training. In order to solve the worries of customers and ensure the normal operation of batteries on the Internet.

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